Red Light Therapy

What is Red Light Therapy?

Red Light Therapy has been around for years and there are thousands of studies that show its effectiveness in assisting the body to recover from injury. But it hasn’t become popular until recently. That’s probably because the concept is so simple and the results that people are getting sound too good to be true. It has big benefits to patients who are trying to recover rapidly from an injury.

How can it help muscle recovery?

Red Light Therapy helps decrease muscle inflammation, whilepromoting blood circulation and oxygen flow to the treatment area.

Our red light machine has variousĀ settings that let us target specific issues and conditions, such as:

  • sports injuries
  • inflammation
  • scar tissue
  • bruising
  • back pain
  • arthritis
  • fibromyalgia pain

What is treatment like?

Each session lasts 15-30 min. and is painless. It actually feels warm and relaxing as it targets your areas of concern.

Does it work with my current treatment program?

Red Light Therapy is an excellent compliment to your ART session. You’ll be surprised how quickly it will help get you back and performing atĀ your best.