Sports Massage

Tired, achy and heavy legs? No matter how good your nutritional recovery post training or hours of sleep sometimes your legs just don’t seem to catch up. Intense training, what ever your level of ability, needs to be respected. Making a long term commitment to looking after your ‘soft tissues’ can offer real return in terms of improved performance and over all cycling enjoyment. As a Master Certified Active Release Provider, Daniel doesn’t just aim to massage the problem area but also offer advice and further therapy to prevent it re-occurring again. We aim to pinpoint the genesis of the problem, whether this be a key postural misalignment, a weak core or even your riding style. The practitioner will also help you build up a ‘muscle map’ of the various excessive muscular tensions and then importantly relate this back to your current stretch routine. For this reason during each treatment session you will find a combination of massage, stretches and mobilization techniques.